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3PL Central Warehouse Manager

3PL Central

The latest 3PL software.

We bring the latest in warehouse software to their customers with 3PL CENTRAL WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. This Best In Class warehouse management system gives A-1's customers real time visibility, control and accuracy from anywhere in the world. This 3PL Warehouse in Houston can handle all your needs!


Experienced Management Team

A-1 Warehouse

The key to a good supply chain is all aspects working together and smoothly.

With A-1's decades of experience and knowledge they have the key ingredient to do just that. Through their management teams vast years of experience they have the resources to make everything happen your way, THE RIGHT WAY.


Interaction with customers

We know our success is your success.

With the many years of experience that A-1 offers with their management and Houston warehouse operations team, you are guaranteed success in every area of your supply chain. From the first receipt of your goods by A-1 to every shipment to your customers, you will experience a smooth and successful operation.


Bringing Unparalleled Visibility Into Your Supply Chain.

Real-time Online Reports.

Available Reports

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  • reports
    Transaction Reports

    Transaction Register
    Transaction by Activity
    Transaction by Line Item

  • reports
    Item Reports

    Item Activity by Customer
    Item Activity by Location
    Item Reports: Kits Only

  • stocks
    Stock Status Reports

    Inventory by Location
    Stock Status Summary
    Stock Status Details